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7 Reasons Cisco Tops the Aragon Research Globe™ 2024 for Intelligent Unified Communications & Collaboration

Cisco in the 2024 iUC&C Aragon Research Globe™

In an evaluation of 15 key industry players, Cisco stands out as the undisputed leader in Intelligent Unified Communications and Collaboration. Explore the seven reasons why.


In its latest edition, the Aragon Research Globe™ for Intelligent Unified Communications and Collaboration (iUC&C) 2024 has assessed 15 leading providers of unified communications. This important research underlines the growing importance of omni-channel communication strategies that seamlessly integrate video, chat, and voice, proving critical for modern business operations and workflows. The emergence of AI-driven Intelligent Assistants is revolutionizing iUC&C platforms, and we are entering a new era of intelligent connectivity. 

These are the seven compelling reasons pointed out by Aragon Research that solidify Cisco’s position at the top of iUC&C.

Innovation at Its Core

Cisco’s Webex Business Unit is buzzing with innovation in the Intelligent Contact Centre, Communication and Collaboration product space. The Webex platform has undergone significant enhancements, particularly with its AI Assistant, a feature that Cisco pioneered years ahead of competitors.

Webex Suite: A Symphony of Features

The Webex Suite, a complete platform, offers many features, including meetings, messaging, voice calls, webinars, and much more. It blends traditional tools with futuristic technologies like AI-enhanced video messaging, polling, APIs, and the revamped AI Assistant. The recent WebexOne event showcased how Cisco pushes the boundaries with AI, unveiling an innovative AI Audio Codec. This groundbreaking technology promises crystal-clear audio even in sub-optimal network conditions, eliminating disruptions during Webex Meetings and Calls.

Super Resolution: Redefining Video Quality

Cisco isn’t just stopping at audio. It’s transforming video communication with its new Super Resolution feature. This technology allows high-resolution video broadcasting even over low bandwidth, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Webex Calling: Where Innovation Meets Growth

Webex Calling is on the rise, with over 13 million global users. Cisco introduced the Webex Customer Experience Basic and the new Essentials offer. This growth is a testament to Cisco’s commitment to providing superior communication solutions.

AI Assistant: Beyond Meetings

The AI Assistant’s capabilities extend to the Webex Contact Centre, reinforcing Cisco’s focus on comprehensive communication solutions. In Webex Messaging, the AI Assistant can now adjust the tone of messages, making interactions more pleasant and engaging. It also aids administrators with the Control Hub, simplifying the management of Webex and Cisco devices.

Collaboration Devices: A Technological Marvel

Cisco continues to innovate with its extensive range of collaboration devices. The recent introduction of Room Kit EQX, featuring NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform, has taken sound and video quality to a new level. This device supports Microsoft Teams and integrates seamlessly with Apple’s ecosystem, including iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS.

Webex Platform: Security as a Priority

Cisco’s Webex Platform isn’t just about functionality; it places a strong emphasis on security. From end-to-end encryption to compliance with regulatory standards, Cisco ensures that every communication is secure and private.

Conclusion: Cisco’s Unified Approach

Integrating a common Intelligent Assistant across UCC and the Contact Centre is a strategic move by Cisco, setting a high bar in the industry. The Cisco and Webex brands stand tall with their high-quality video and voice capabilities, advanced intelligence, and various device options. The challenge remains in balancing hardware and software focus, but if history indicates, Cisco is more than capable of rising to the occasion.

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