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8 ways to get results from your collaboration project

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Business collaboration projects are often considered complex activities that can take a long time to show any returns. However…

A growing numbers of businesses are finding it’s possible to go from concept to payback relatively quickly.

Rather than looking to achieve large-scale, organisation-wide changes, they instead focus on achieving quick wins within a short period of time. When it comes to collaboration, there are eight steps that can be followed to increase the likelihood quick wins will be achieved.

These steps are:

  1. Begin with the end in mind:  Before any activity begins, be crystal clear about the end goal. It might be to streamline a particular business process or help a team communicate more easily with the wider company.
  2. Access all areas:  Some ways in which a collaboration project can deliver benefits may not be as evident as others. Be sure to examine all areas of the organisation and identify all ways in which investment and activity can assist.
  3. Look for existing gaps:  It might be the case that earlier projects were never completed or failed to deliver expected benefits. Look at the current state and where the gaps exist.
  4. Remember in-office facilities:  While there has been considerable focus on equipping and supporting home-based staff, don’t forget to examine in-office facilities for opportunities to score quick wins. Consider deploying collaboration tools such as electronic whiteboards and better audio and video collaboration platforms.
  5. Better equip remote staff:  It’s likely many remote workers are relying on microphones and video cameras they used privately before the lockdowns. Check whether these can be upgraded to enhance call quality and usability.
  6. Check interoperability:  It’s likely that different groups began using different collaboration tools during the lockdowns. Some may have embraced Teams while others rely on Zoom or Skype to get things done. Take time to check that all staff are able to easily collaborate with each other using their preferred tools.
  7. Embrace cloud calling:  Remote working can cause an alarming jump in mobile phone costs. Look for ways in which internet-based cloud calling can be introduced to get bills back under control.
  8. Continue the process:  Effective collaboration projects are usually ongoing in nature. Processes and supporting tools are continually being reviewed and replaced as better alternatives appear. This keeps your projects moving forward at all times.

By following these eight steps, quick wins can be achieved from your next collaboration project. Consider the benefits this would deliver for your organisation.


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