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Aged Care Communications: Transforming with Webex and Peak Insight

Aged Care Communication: Transforming with Webex and Peak Insight

The landscape of aged care communications in Australia is evolving, moving towards more innovative, efficient, and flexible solutions. This transformation is critical in ensuring a high standard of care and support for both residents and staff in aged care facilities. 

In this context, the story of McKenzie Aged Care Group stands out as a leading example of how advanced technology, like the Webex Cloud Platform and Collaboration Tools, can transform communications in aged care.

Embracing Modern Communications Solutions

McKenzie Aged Care, a prominent name in Australian aged care with 17 nursing homes across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, has always prioritised effective communications. They understood early that aged care is fundamentally a face-to-face business operating 24×7, where the reliability of communication systems is simply non-negotiable.

The Challenge: Enhancing Accessibility and Reducing Costs

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the limitations of their existing communication setup. With a workforce comprising over 2200 staff, the necessity for a more adaptable and secure communication system became evident. McKenzie Aged Care, traditionally reliant on physical mobility for operational tasks, faced new challenges with pandemic-induced restrictions. The need for a robust, unified communication system to support a hybrid work environment and ensure seamless connectivity became increasingly important.

The Solution: Integration of Webex by Cisco

In their quest for a solution, McKenzie Aged Care turned to us at Peak Insight, an award-winning provider known for our expertise in Cisco Collaboration, Contact Centre, and Connectivity solutions. The decision to integrate Webex by Cisco marked a significant turning point. This modern, intuitive platform offered a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools and customer experience software, seamlessly replacing McKenzie’s existing, more limited systems.

Implementing Unified Communications

The integration of Webex by Cisco transformed their telephony system into a true unified communications platform. This change enhanced the efficiency and reliability of internal communications and significantly improved McKenzie’s capacity to manage external communications.

The Impact of Webex in Aged Care

Keeping Everyone Connected

The primary benefit of the Webex platform in McKenzie Aged Care was its ability to keep everyone – from staff to families and residents – consistently connected. This aspect of aged care communication is vital, as it directly impacts the quality of care provided to residents.

Streamlining Collaboration and Remote Work

The Webex App became an indispensable tool for messaging and collaboration, especially in project management. The ability to create Webex Spaces for various internal groups facilitated efficient coordination, which is crucial for incident response and issue escalation. This adaptability was particularly beneficial in managing the challenges posed by the pandemic, allowing around 120 support staff to work effectively from remote locations.

Reducing Operational Costs

An unexpected but welcome outcome of implementing Webex was the significant reduction in travel costs. As staff adopted more remote and flexible working arrangements, the dependency on travel decreased, leading to cost savings. This trend suggests a sustainable shift in operational practices, indicating that the benefits of these communication technologies extend beyond mere connectivity.

Enhancing Recruitment and Training Processes

The flexibility of Webex also transformed McKenzie Aged Care’s recruitment and training processes. The ability to conduct interviews and onboard new staff virtually not only made these processes more efficient but also opened doors to a wider pool of candidates. Additionally, the use of Webex for creating and disseminating instructional videos marked an improvement in their training methodology, aligning with the latest trends in e-learning.

Conclusion: The Future of Aged Care Communication

The journey of McKenzie Aged Care with Webex and Peak Insight underscores the immense potential of advanced communication technologies in enhancing aged care services. Integrating collaboration tools, customer experience software, and unified communications systems like Webex Cloud represents a forward-thinking approach, especially in a hybrid work environment. This transformation in aged care communications is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about reimagining how care is delivered, ensuring that quality, efficiency, and connectivity remain at the forefront.


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