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Integrating Cisco Webex Teams with your business: using Bots

What is a Cisco Webex Teams Bot, and what can it do?

Cisco Webex Teams is a collaboration solution that can connect small to large teams anytime, anywhere. Webex Teams includes the following capabilities to produce results faster in an organisation:

  • Messaging (Groups / One-to-one)
  • Meetings
  • Calling
  • Whiteboarding
  • And more…

Bots are like standard Webex Teams users, and they can be used for multiple purposes.  For example, for automation or to perform an action. Bots can be asked questions, and they can respond or perform different tasks. For example, a Bot can be asked: “what’s the weather like?”. A response can be provided either one-to-one or in a group space.

Unlike a standard Webex Teams user, however, a special badge is added to a bot’s avatar in the Webex Teams client so users know they’re interacting with a bot instead of a human. A bot can only access messages sent to it directly. In group spaces, bots must be @mentioned to access the message. In one-to-one spaces, a bot has access to all messages from the user.

What Cisco Webex Teams Bots has Peak Insight recently created?

Peak Insight is a Cisco Partner specialising in Cisco Webex Teams, with in-house software integration and software development capabilities.  We provide Extraordinary Business Outcomes for our clients, and we often use Cisco Webex Teams Bots to integrate with line of business applications to provide these results.

Recently, we’ve delivered the following integrations:

@bot what is the current Netpromoter (NPS) score in AskNicely

@bot create/update/view tickets in ConnectWise Manage

@bot create/update ticket Trello

@bot open/close the office blinds

@bot add a customer to the CRM: John Citizen, [email protected], 0400000000

This has helped our clients boost productivity, as well as provide improved employee and customer experiences.

Please see a quick example of a recent Cisco Webex Teams integration with AskNicely below, to provide a client with a real-time ‘voice of the customer’ space:

How can Peak Insight help your organisation?

There are numerous applications and products in the market that small to large organisation use every day. Every organisation has its own tools they use to get their work done. We can help you integrate the tools together to help increase productivity, employee and customer experience.

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