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The 5 Key Phases of Transitioning to Webex Cloud Calling with Peak Insight’s Webex Migration Blueprint

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The landscape has shifted to the cloud, with telephony at the forefront. Integrating cloud-based calling solutions is essential for business resilience and agility in a digital-first world, not merely an advantage. At Peak Insight, awarded the 2023 Telstra Cisco Partner of the Year, we’re committed to making our clients’ shift to Webex Calling seamless and transformative.

McKinsey reports that a staggering 70% of digital transformations fall short due to user adoption challenges, and the Harvard Business Review highlights the essential role of user support through these changes. Choosing the right partner is important to fully realise the benefits of cloud calling solutions. Webex Calling stands out for its superior security, flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency. Peak Insight proudly offers tailored migration services for Webex Calling in Australia and the region, drawing on our award-winning and specialised experience in Customer Experience and Hybrid Work solutions powered by Webex.

Our Recommended Approach to Your Webex Calling Migration

To ensure a smooth transition and maximise the benefits of this advanced technology, Peak Insight  recommends a phased approach as below:

Phase 1 – Vision and Preparation: Collaborating with clients, we define a clear vision for Webex Calling within the organisation, ensuring stakeholder alignment and proactively addressing potential hurdles.

Phase 2 – User-Centric Transition Planning: We focus on crafting a seamless user journey, from generating pre-launch excitement to ensuring satisfaction post-adoption, empowering every user throughout the process.

Phase 3 – Seamless Deployment and Rollout: Peak Insight delivers an exhaustive deployment plan, including implementation, rollout strategies, user training, and support mechanisms, resulting in a smooth transition with minimal disruption and maximum adoption.

Phase 4 – Success Measurement and Optimisation: The journey doesn’t end at adoption. We provide the tools and strategies for tracking progress, engaging stakeholders, and refining your strategy to ensure ongoing success and ROI from the Webex Calling solution.

Phase 5 – Enhancing Your Webex Ecosystem: Beyond initial migration, we assist clients in broadening their Webex ecosystem with complementary solutions that integrate effortlessly with their cloud calling setup, enhancing efficiency and maximising business value.

Opting for Peak Insight as your partner for migrating to Webex Calling signifies more than an upgrade to your telephony system; it enables a new era of scalable, connected, and collaborative work. Our method is designed for successful implementation and cultivating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Why Peak Insight?

As the 2023 Telstra Cisco Partner of the Year and a globally recognised professional services provider on the Webex App Hub, our track record affirms our dedication to excellence in delivering Customer Experience and Hybrid Work solutions. Our consultancy, project implementation, and ongoing lifecycle services are meticulously crafted to boost the business value of our clients’ Webex by Cisco investments, enhanced by software add-ons that elevate customer journeys and team performance.

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