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How Webex Contact Centre Delivers Unmatched Value According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact ™ Study

Forrester TEI Study of Webex Contact Centre

Customer expectations are sky-high; therefore, running an efficient, cloud-based contact centre solution is not just an operational upgrade; it’s a strategic necessity. 

Peak Insight, an award-winning Cisco specialised partner in Australia, analyses the recent study published by Forrester that quantifies the tangible benefits of implementing Cisco Webex Contact Centre

This analysis highlights significant economic advantages in three key areas: cost savings, agent efficiency, and customer satisfaction improvements.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency: Achieving 304 % ROI

Streamlining IT Support

One of the standout findings from the Forrester study is the substantial reallocation of IT support efforts. Businesses moving to Webex Contact Centre have seen a dramatic reduction in the need for IT support staff dedicated to contact centre management. By consolidating contact centre systems under Webex, companies have been able to redirect their IT resources more effectively, achieving a risk-adjusted saving of $1.7 million over three years.

Deflecting Calls with Advanced Self-Service

The introduction of more sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, email, and chatbot capabilities has allowed businesses to deflect 20% of calls that would otherwise have required agent intervention. This improvement in self-service options not only enhances the customer experience but also translates to a significant labour cost reduction, with a three-year, risk-adjusted saving of nearly $3.6 million.

Eliminating Legacy System Costs

Transitioning to Webex Contact Centre enables organisations to retire outdated, legacy call centre solutions. This move away from multiple, disconnected systems to a unified, cloud-based platform has resulted in the avoidance of legacy licence costs, contributing to a three-year, risk-adjusted saving of just under $3.5 million.

Reducing Customer Care and Quality Management Expenditures

With better tracking of customer interactions and more efficient follow-up processes enabled by Webex Contact Centre, organisations have been able to reallocate a significant portion of their customer care and quality management staff. This strategic reallocation has yielded a three-year, risk-adjusted saving of $2.8 million.

Enhancing Customer and Agent Experiences

Improving Customer Satisfaction

The Webex Contact Centre platform facilitates a more responsive, omnichannel communication strategy, allowing customers to engage through their preferred channels. This capability, combined with faster response times and problem resolution, significantly boosts customer satisfaction levels.

Elevating Agent Efficiency and Satisfaction

The intuitive tools, real-time customer context, and intelligent routing offered by Webex Contact Centre make the agent experience more efficient and less tedious. This improvement in the work environment contributes to better overall service quality, as satisfied agents are more likely to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Peak Insight Advantage

Are you considering if Webex Contact Centre is the right fit for your organisation? Let’s start a conversation. As an award-winning Cisco-specialised partner in Australia and the region, Peak Insight enables businesses to fully leverage the capabilities of Webex Contact Centre. We take pride in our track record of empowering numerous high-profile clients across Australia and beyond, driving transformative outcomes through our deep expertise in Customer Experience and Hybrid Work solutions. Our efforts have been recognised, amongst others, with the recent 2023 Telstra Cisco Partner of the Year award, a testament to our commitment to excellence and the success we deliver to our clients.

With Peak Insight, your business will gain access to:

  • Expert Guidance: Helping you integrate Webex Contact Centre into your daily operations, ensuring your team can leverage its full suite of features from day one.
  • Customised Strategies: Benefit from strategies tailored to your unique needs, aimed at maximising your return on investment and significantly enhancing your customer journey.
  • Continuous Support and Services: Enjoy ongoing support and comprehensive lifecycle services from our team, maximising the long-term value and success of your Webex Contact Centre solution.

Download the full Forrester report by clicking here.

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