What is Common Identity in Cisco Webex?

User viewing Cisco Webex Common Identity

Using the same identity within the enterprise and Cisco Webex cloud services

A user Jack has his corporate identity information stored in the Okta cloud-based enterprise directory. He would like to search for his colleagues and collaborate with them via Cisco Webex Teams. He asks Jill, the IT administrator, for help. Jill has so far provisioned users in Webex manually, using .csv files, and is after a simpler method of securely provisioning and maintaining user identity.

By adding Cisco Webex to the Okta Integration Network, and synchronising Okta users to the Cisco Webex Control Hub, Jill is able to:

  • Maintain consistent user information across both the enterprise directory and cloud identity storage
  • Avoid doubling-up on administrative effort
  • Automatically create, update, and delete users

The integration is fully cloud-based, and requires no on-premise infrastructure.

The business benefits include:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Risk
  • Improved Employee Experience

For further information, please see the Cisco ‘What is Common Identity‘ post at webex.com.

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